Reminiscence and Outlook 5. Oktober 2013

gcm – Aachen

If you come across this blog, you might wonder why it is written in English. Well today is my 50th birthday, and this is a present I make to myself. And English is my mother tongue, the language I grew up with, besides German and Italian. That’s why.

So, looking back, what could be of interest. I will start with some music of 1963, the first modern music I ever heard, even if I cannot recall all of the themes. It gives me an emotional picture of the times I was borne into. I assume, it is the sound that rang in my parents ears those days. Oh, „Puff the Magic Dragon“ I can actually recall.


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So, where am I going from here? After half a century of conscious life I feel no incline to resign to a life of decline towards retirement. Indeed, this is more like touch-and-go in a very sutisfying and happy period of my life. I once stated that I want to go a pass of a highly inclined learning curve. This I feel I am expiriencing this right now. The next waypoints in this pass will be the preperation of courses in Transactional Analysis for the conference in Mai and for the CTA examination in November 2014. After 7 years of preperation this will be a major milestone.

I look very much forward to the next couple of years. It will comprise of developing an idea of conscious communication in the context of family and company business. Life as a couple is not allways easy going. Especially whence the couple has the responsibility for the advancement of a enterprise stress may be more acutely felt than happiness. This can and should be altered by an enhanced mode of communication, of emotional leadership by inviting to follow.

In my view the fitting image is an invitation to the next Tango. The invited can allways refuse. Only in the expectation of a supporting and respectful leadership, the ability of the leader to mindfully follow the rythm, and the chance to expirience some magic moments will the invited willingly follow. This to me seems to be the next paradigm of leadership in a world that is desperate to uncover the full capabilities of menkind.

To achieve this a highly focussed  awareness of all persons involved is necessar. And this we love to train for ourselves and teach to others.

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